2021 Happy New Year

Ivan Robles

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2021 Happy New Year

What happened and, why is this post not written in Spanish? Ok, this has to do with 2020.

2020 was a weird year, full of changes. Been isolated wasn't normal for me so and, thus I had to make some changes.

In 2019, I started to travel and, I had some plans to travel to other countries in 2020, I expected that year would be the best year for me, and the most important thing 2020 would be the year of Linux (ok, maybe not). However, COVID-19 did its mess.

At work, I had several challenges. I always felt confident in the demos or client calls with the whole team in a call room. At the moment that I left the's headquarters, I was feeling nervous at the calls with clients. But now to top it all of I started working with an American client. So I have to read, listen, speak, eat, and breathe in English. And to be honest with this client, I felt more nervous than ever, especially at the firsts calls.

Besides that, at the remote work, in the company, an event came up "The Happy Hour" ok is only a zoom call where we gather to talk about anything, a random topic if we want. In the beginning, that was well but, the people get bored easily. Then I had the idea to send the notification at the most-used channel on slack with a clickbait and a (local) meme. Suddenly I was in charge/manager of the Happy Hour.

Now this new year as it is already a tradition, we have a new frontend roadmap at Ok, you're right that the roadmap is not a new one is the same as the year before with a few changes. This year I want to follow it and complete it from start to end because I want to do a review and learn new skills.

Other than that, about these posts, well from now on the personal ones will be in English because I need to practice my language skills as much as possible to improve. But, don't worry, I'm going to preserve the technical stuff in Spanish.

Another thing that I want to do is to give at least 6 talks this year. I have stage fright, and I want to improve my speaking skills in front of an audience. Although I don't know if it's cheating because the talks are going to be online. Some people say that is harder that way.

One last thing, I want to do more about the Happy Hour, do some techy project about that, I still don't know what but I want it. That leads me to another topic, podcast, podcast, and more podcast. I was thinking (not planning) to do one of those. I want to do a podcast since 2009. This year I want to try and also, I have some proposals from several friends to do it.

This is how it will be this year... see you!!. :)